Seismic Safety

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Brace & Bolt Saves Homes

Earthquakes are a fact of living in California. Earthquake braces and bolts (EBB) prevent costly damage.

Save your home from costly earthquake damage. Relatively inexpensive earthquake seismic safety retrofit improvements can keep your home standing. They are critically important in the event of an earthquake.

Be Prepared

After the earthquake is too late. You need to do it now. Tomorrow may be too late. Two preventive measures can save you from disaster.

  • Bracing: plywood or OSB sheathing is attached along the cripple walls to strengthen the structure between the house and the crawl space.
  • Bolting: large “anchor bolts” or foundation plates are used to bolt the wooden frame of the house to the concrete foundation, to strengthen the connection between the two.

Prevent, Preserve, and Protect Your Home

In the San Francisco Bay Area, it’s only a matter of time for an earthquake to hit. You don’t know when. With all the earthquake fault lines the potential for a serious earthquake is always there. That’s why it’s important to make sure your home is prepared to survive.

Many new homes are fitted are properly anchored to deter earthquake destruction. But, if you have an older home, you owe it to yourself to get earthquake retrofitting.