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Your Home In The Market

Buying or selling a house is one of the most important decisions a person makes. Incredible value is gained by knowing all of the facts necessary to make an informed decision, including the physical condition of the property. Inspect.Net fills in the blanks for you, when you’re done with our inspection, you will know the condition of your property.

Inspect.Net serves as your impartial judge: a neutral moderator, probing to find truth, then delivering wisdom based on knowledge and experience. We’re a fan of truth and justice. That’s what we do with houses … for buyers and sellers.

For Buyers

Home buyers want the best return on their money for a property that serves all their needs. 

You’ll know the overall soundness of the home from roof to basement and how all the features work. If the home needs repairs, you are armed with information to take to the bargaining table.


For Sellers

Make your home as appealing to buyers as possible. Know all the details that make your house a sound investment. You want the best offer for your sale.

Indicated repairs can either give you leeway when negotiating, or you can do the repairs and price your home knowing it is the best it can be.

Maximize Your Home Potential

Buyers maximize your investment. Sellers maximize your profits.

Wherever you are on the home buying life-cycle a professional home inspection removes worry and gives you the details to make an informed decision.

A home inspection report, complete with images and an easily read narrative, signals to people interested in your home that you care about them. You have proof that your home is a sound investment.

The Solution

A professional, detailed home inspection with a easily understood narrative and supporting images gives you an unbiased assessment of a home. Knowledge is power in the real estate market. Make sure you have the power when you go to the bargaining table.

Find yourself on the real estate life cycle and learn more about how Inspect.Net will facilitate your real estate transaction.