Preventive Maintenance

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Protect Your Home

There’s no better way to preserve the value of your property than by scheduling regular maintenance inspections. Catch small problems early before they become enormous expenses in remediation and repair.

Typical Defects

  • A roof leak that drips water inside walls causing structural damage and mold.
  • Improper drainage grading that, left unchecked, leads to building settlement.
  • A leaking tile shower pan that destroys your sub-floor, costing you thousands.

Stay Ahead of Problems

Inspect.Net will comb through your house or investment property to forestall any small issues that could result in costly remediation or repairs. We provide the experience to make sense out of your experience(s). Add your regular maintenance inspection on the Order Form

Regular Health Check

Save your home from future costly repairs. The money you spend now can save you thousands in future repair costs. Inspect.Net narrative reports walk you through the entire foundation-to-roof procedure with detailed image and video support.

If we find an issue, we’ll guide you through possible solutions, give you an idea of costs, and, if you need, even refer you to one of our trusted service providers.

Your home is a major part of your wealth. Ensure home value over time with a maintenance inspection.

Prevent Disaster

Undetected small issues can turn into a can of worms. 

Let Inspect.Net help you breathe a sigh of relief by scheduling regular maintenance inspections. We recommend one at least every five years. We’ll help you save thousands of dollars needed for delayed repairs. Ensure your property’s soundness.