Environmental Testing

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Environmental Testing

Inspect.Net provides experienced and detailed environmental inspections. Health and safety are prime concerns in the property market. Environmental testing discovers hidden dangers in your home. 

A home inspection may detect problems, but a scientific environmental inspection uncovers potential health risks and evaluates the severity.

Indoor Air Quality

Toxic mold is hazardous. A complete indoor air quality inspection determines the presence and the type of mold infections. 

First, we do a visual inspection looking for any signs of toxic mold. Then we take four air samples and send them off for testing. We follow that up with a complete written report mold report.

Uncover Hidden Health Hazards

Our environmental inspections deliver a more thorough picture of environmental concerns.

  • Mold Sampling
  • Lead-Based Paint
  • Asbestos Sampling

Each of these hazards presents health risks to residents. An environmental test determines the presence or absence of any of these hazards.