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Structure Inspection

The structure of your home is like the skeleton, it’s what keeps your home from sagging or collapsing. Without a sound structure, all the rest of your home is at risk. Many people think of the structure component as the home inspection. These 101s elaborate on the details of a home inspection. You want to know your home is sound, it’s the basis for everything else.

The Process

Your inspector will survey and check the structural components including the foundation and framing by probing a representative number of structural components where deterioration is suspected or where clear indications of possible deterioration exist. Probing is NOT required when probing would damage any finished surface or where no deterioration is visible or presumed to exist.

What’s Inspected?

The inspection includes:

  • Foundation system
  • Floor framing system
  • Under-floor ventilation
  • Foundation anchoring and cripple wall bracing
  • Wood separation from soil

In Your Report

Your written report will include descriptions of:

  • The methods used to inspect under-floor crawl spaces and attics.
  • The foundation.
  • The floor structure.
  • The wall structure.
  • The ceiling structure.
  • The roof structure.

Your inspector is reviewing the aspects of your home that keep it structurally sound. Any combinations of concerns are detailed in your report. Your inspector can also recommend qualified local services for any recommended remediation or repairs.

Core of Your Home

A detailed structural inspection is a core integral component of your property inspection. Take a look at the other 101 introductions to learn what else your home inspector sees when he performs a professional inspection of your property.

As thorough as this inspection seems, your home inspector is not required to :

  • check fixtures and systems outside of basic structure.
  • provide any engineering or architectural services or analysis.  
  • offer an opinion as to the adequacy of any structural system or component.
  • Determine size, spacing, location, or adequacy of foundation bolting/bracing components or reinforcing systems
  • Determine the composition or energy rating of insulation materials