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The Toxic Health Threat – Hidden Mold

Stachybotrys can spread in a basement or crawl space and behind walls, without evidence to you and your family.

February 2, 2017
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Keep Your Family Healthy

Peace of mind comes when you know your home is safe. Even a tiny water leak can grow millions of toxic mold spores in a short amount of time. The friendliest conditions for mold growth are warmth, humidity, and dampness.

Stachybotrys mold is truly toxic, causing respiratory symptoms including chronic coughing and sneezing, eye, nose and throat irritation, rashes, chronic fatigue, and persistent headaches. Prolonged exposure can cause more severe health issues like bleeding in the nose and lungs. The list of symptoms is long and varied from reproductive to nervous system effects. You definitely don’t want it in your home.

You’d think that because it is black you would see it. But, stachybotrys can spread in a basement or crawl space and behind walls, without evidence to you and your family. It can hide above the ceiling, or behind sink cupboards.

The best defense is a good offense. Order a home inspection.

The Hidden Cost of Toxic Mold

In addition to the health of you and your loved ones, the spread of stachybotrys can require costly repairs. Once the mold is there it must be removed. Painting or caulking over mold only allows it to continue spreading.

Mold containment and removal requires several steps performed by experienced professionals.

  • Identify and repair the source of moisture
  • Commercial drying of infected areas
  • Surface cleaning
  • Safe removal of damaged surfaces, including carpeting
  • Replacement of damaged structures

Professionals are trained to work safely in mold-infected areas.

Inspect.Net will help you determine the extent of damage and suggest immediate actions like closing off infected areas and the best local professionals for remediation.

Most home insurance will cover the bulk of expenses required to rid your home of mold, including alternate housing if your home is unsafe while remediation and repairs take place.

The Best Prevention is Detection

A professional inspection will identify stachybotrys mold, help you prevent and control growth, and keep your home free from toxic black mold.

An objective inspection by a trained professional with a construction and engineering background will identify any issues. We’ll check for any leaks either from plumbing or material changes that can start toxic mold growing in your home. Our Google Glass images allow you to see exactly what we find. We can also look underneath the house and in the attic space for any potential mold growth.

If we find any issues we will provide you with suggestions:

  • Short term preservation methods for health
  • Remedial repair estimates by vetted mold providers

We’ll help you find the right service for identified issues. We can tell you if you need a repair or if it is time to replace plumbing, walls, flooring, attic structures, or the roof.

What You Can Do Now

Walk through your house looking for any signs of potential mold growth

  • Allergies flare up at home but get better outdoors
  • You can smell hidden mold even if you don’t see it.
  • Open cabinets and closets to check in back for signs of mold. 
  • Check plumbing for any leaks.
  • Bowed walls and sagging ceilings can signal leaking

If you see black mold call for an inspection immediately to determine the extent of damage.

The best way to assure peace of mind for your family’s health is to stop potential problems before they damage your home and expose your family to potentially deadly toxins.

The Home Inspection Solution

Now is the time to make certain you protect your home and your family’s health with a thorough home inspection. We’ll keep you and your loved ones safe. Our professional inspection provides you with images that let you see what we see. Our construction and engineering experience provides written discovery and advice on best ways to remediate any issues.

Have questions? Give us a call at (510) 200 – 7555

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