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Protection From Elements

The roof over your house and its composition protect you, your walls and ceilings, and everything underneath. A small leak from the roof can cause unseen structural damage. Your roofing inspection takes the worry out of your home’s cover protection. Leaks can also create conditions that may promote the growth of fungus or mold which can weaken hidden structural elements or create hazardous health quality for occupants.

What’s Inspected

Your inspector will visually survey and check:

  • Roofing materials.
  • Roof drainage systems.
  • Flashings.  
  • Skylights, chimneys, and roof penetrations.

The Process

Overall, your home inspector is looking to identify material defects in the roof. A defect may be a repair, maintenance or improvement consideration with or without a safety association.

The Roof Report

Your written home inspection report will describe the roofing materials and the methods used to inspect the roofing. If the findings determine any need for remediation or repairs, your home inspector will refer you to local qualified service providers.

Keep Your Home Covered

A detailed roofing inspection is an integral component of your property inspection. Take a look at the other 101 introductions to learn what else your home inspector sees when he takes a professional look at your property.

Your professional inspector will use every way possible to determine the condition of your roof. However, he is not required to inspect:

  • Antennae.  
  • Interiors of flues or chimneys that are not readily accessible.  
  • Other installed accessories such a solar panels.

In addition, your inspector is not required to walk on the roof surface if in the opinion of the inspector there is risk of damage or a hazard to the inspector.  These conditions might be a steeply pitched roof with a hazard of sliding off or a very high roof that requires a 24 foot ladder or higher. A roof inspection does not warrant or certify that roof systems, coverings, or components are free from leakage. If conditions are suspect, you may require the services of a professional roofer.