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Commercial Challenge

Quality equals what you want in commercial real estate transactions. A fast sale at a right valuation equals bottom line success. Whether you are listing a property and closing a sale unbiased information is the answer to correct valuation, solid negotiation, and positive feedback on your business.

Inspect.Net Solution

Work with a professional. Jeff Bond, founder of Inspect.Net, validates every detail of a detailed property inspection.

  • Engineer and general contractor
  • Financial and strategic guidance
  • Detailed reports delivered in clear language
  • Unbiased, non-alarming facts
  • Informally address rough cost estimates for potential remedies

Inspect.Net understands your business concerns. We facilitate property valuation based on clear, substantiated findings. Whichever side of the bargaining table you sit, our quality professional inspection reports support your professional career. You are no nonsense and so are we.

If you are in the Tri-Valley, Fremont, and Hayward area, give us a call for fast, clear service as a building block to your success.


“Time tells all. We’ve been performing inspections since 1992. In that period we’ve served over 13,000 clients. Please allow Inspect.Net to show you what it means to be treated like family, it is your purchase after all.” – Jeff

Service Price
Verbal Only $150/hr
Summary Report $200/hr
Full Report $250/hr

Note : You pay only for inspection time, report preparation (which typically doubles the total time required) is included in the pricing. For example if an inspection is 5 hours and a full report is required the total cost is $1000, a summary report would be $750, and a verbal only inspection (lasting 5 hours) would be $500.