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As a professional you help people find property that meets their needs. Unfortunately, they don’t tell you all their needs and you may get a surprise. That house with the purple walls in the family room is all of a sudden your client’s favorite because the view from the kitchen window looks out on a magnificent cherry tree.

Decisions like these prove that people buy on emotions. Your role is the dream builder, painting pictures of what life could be like in a certain property. Once your client narrows down the choice

Advice that Closes the Sale

Once the client narrows down the choice, they rely on your professional expertise.

  • rely on your expertise
  • want the most home for the least price
  • trust your recommendations

A professional home inspection arms you with thorough, non-alarming information about the total state of the property. Purple walls can be painted, but a foundation that is cracked may bring their dream home crashing down. Support your professionalism and lead your client to a wise choice based on facts.

An Inspect.Net detailed and easy to understand inspection report builds client trust.

  • Maximize property benefits for your client
  • Confirm and emotional choice with sound information
  • Build trust in your professional service
  • Prevent negative feedback
  • Extend your referral network

A quality home inspection helps your clients balance emotion and reason to make a wise decision for long lasting satisfaction. Our quality service builds your quality professionalism.

Hayward, Fremont, and Tri-Valley home inspections from Inspect.Net.


“Time tells all. We’ve been performing home inspections since 1992. In that period we’ve served over 13,000 families. Please allow Inspect.Net to show you what it means to be treated like family, it is your home after all.” – Jeff

Service Price
Small House $379
Medium Home $399
Larger House $449
Mobile Home $279
Pool or Spa $199