Can Home Inspections be Done in the Rain?

Often, if the rain isn’t going to last all day, an inspector can start with the interior of the home. Then, when the rain stops, they can move to the exterior of the home…

October 1, 2021
3 min read

When you’ve had an offer accepted on a home and you’re ready to get to the closing table, it’s time to get the home inspection done. Sometimes, you schedule your inspection and the skies decide to unload. This might lead you to wonder if home inspections can be done in the rain.

This is certainly a valid concern, as the rain can last hours or it can be over in minutes. Whether or not your home inspection can be done in the rain depends. 

How Long Will the Rain Last?

If it’s expected to rain all day long, it might be time to consider rescheduling the home inspection. Sometimes, you only have to reschedule the exterior portion of the inspection, while other times, you will need to reschedule the entire home inspection.

Often, if the rain isn’t going to last all day, an inspector can start with the interior of the home. Then, when the rain stops, they can move to the exterior of the home, as long as it’s not too slippery.

Advantages of a Home Inspection During the Rain

However, when the rain comes down, if the home inspection can still be done, you might actually get a better inspection. It can be easier to spot specific issues with water getting into areas of the home during the rain. If there’s a leak that might be spotted in the attic or another area of the home, the rain might show it.

Newer leaks might not be spotted during a regular home inspection. When it rains, these leaks might be easier to see as the water gets in and creates moisture that is much easier to spot. Some of these areas might not show staining a few days after the rain.

Along with roof leaks, it’s easier to spot issues with rainwater drainage during the rain. If the gutters are defective or there’s an issue with drainage, the rain will shine a light on these issues.

Disadvantages of Rain During a Home Inspection

Of course, rain can make it very difficult to do an accurate inspection of the roof. If the rain is coming down too much, it can be dangerous for a home inspector in San Francisco to get up on the roof.

Along with making it unsafe to get up on the roof, rain can make it harder to date the age of the shingles. Wet shingles tend to look newer than they really are. 

While some types of storms can cause a delay in your home inspection, rain doesn’t always slow down your home inspector. There are times when it will be advantageous to have your inspection done when it’s raining or right after the rain has stopped.

You likely won’t try to time your inspection based on the weather. However, if it starts to rain, don’t worry, you might still be able to have your inspection completed. Of course, if a massive storm rolls in, complete with thunder and lightning, it might be time to reschedule your inspection for another day.

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