Inspecting a mobile home roof using Google Glass.

Your Roof Shields More Than Your Mobile Home

Inspecting a mobile home roof using Google Glass.

Protect Your Mobile Home Roof

Roof leaks during winter time can eat away at the inside of your mobile home. Leaks can go undetected and by the time you notice something wrong, damage has already happened.

Wind can blow away shingles, water can freeze and expand in seams creating a path for leaks, old sealant around chimneys and vents can pull away, leaves and other debris can divert water away from drain gutters backing up water flow. These and other situations can cause undetected problems that can lead to costly repairs.

Your Mobile Home Is An Investment

Many mobile home owners have limited cash flow or large investments to cover expensive home repairs. Unnoticed roof leaks and their unseen damages can lead to repairs that devastate personal savings.

When you protect your mobile home you are preserving your assets as well.

 this mineral roll roofing is in need of replacement

Damaged roofing in need of replacement

Signs of Roof Leaks

The first signs of roof leaks are often undetectable to the average mobile home owner. These can include:

  • Water behind wall siding
  • Water on ceiling insulation and wood
  • Mold and mildew in the attic space

An active roof leak revealed by a ceiling stain

Evidence of an active roof leak

By the time you see roof leak evidence damage has already occurred. It’s time to determine the source of the problem and take remedial action.

  • Wet carpet
  • Mold on ceiling or walls appearing as dark spots
  • Water spots on ceiling
  • Peeling wallpaper or paint
  • Sagging or bowing of ceiling, walls, gutters, siding

 a prior roof repair is almost working right but still leaks

Evidence of a prior metal roof patch


Roof leaks many times aren't leaking where they're dripping

Roof leaks can be tricky to locate (Source)

Damage to Your Home and Your Finances

Because water damage inside your home is often invisible for a long time, the ravages can cause both damage to your ceilings, walls, and floors as well as the growth of dangerous mold and mildew.

Many homeowners don’t go up on the roof to take a look around, plus, they don’t have the experience to avoid accidents on ladders and sloped roof surfaces. Fixing structural repairs like repairing walls and floors can run into thousands of dollars. These costly mistakes can be avoided with professional inspections.

Skylights in need of re-sealing

Skylights in need of re-sealing

How a Roof Inspection Helps

A professional inspection can identify potential problem areas before they turn into a financial disaster. The low cost of a preventive inspection will prevent costly remediation repairs that can run into the thousands and tens of thousands of dollars.

An objective inspection by a trained professional with a construction and engineering background will identify any potential roof issues. If we find any issues we will provide you with suggestions:

  • Short term preservation methods
  • Remedial repair estimates by vetted roofing service providers

We’ll help you find the right service for identified issues. We can tell you if you need a repair or if it is time to replace your old roof.

trim your trees as a part of roof maintenance

Debris accumulating on roof awning

Steps You Can Take Right Away

Often it can be days or even weeks before a professional can schedule repairs to your mobile home roof. In the meantime, you can prevent further damage with a few stop-gap actions:

  • Puncture small paint bubbles and blisters to release water
  • Cover any exposed appliances with plastic
  • Place a bucket under any ceiling leaks; attach a string to the source and run it to the bucket to prevent water splatters on the floor
  • Cover the exposed area with a strong plastic tarpaulin

Inspect.Net will advise you which actions to take in our report. And, we’ll put you in touch with personally vetted service providers.

Home Inspection to the Rescue

Now is the time to make certain you protect your home and your investments with a thorough inspection. We’ll keep you covered and safe. Our professional inspection provides you with images that let you see what we see. Our construction and engineering experience provides written discovery and advice on best ways to remediate any issues.

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