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Make The Right Home Investment With A Professional Home Inspection

For most people, a home is one of their largest financial assets, if not the biggest. A thorough home inspection gives you the information you need to negotiate a real estate purchase.

July 2, 2017
5 min read

A Professional Home Inspection Leverages The True Value of Your Home

Purchasing a home in the Bay Area in the current market is a substantial investment. Whether you choose a historic home or a newly built house a property inspection by a licensed home inspector can reveal hidden flaws or newly built-in defects.

Home Inspection Cost versus Property Value

The San Francisco Business Times reported a record median value of $1.5 million for homes in San Francisco in June 2017. With the ultimate cost of a professional property inspection from Inspect.Net at $400, you are spending 0.0003% of the purchase value. That’s three one-thousandths of a percent of the value of a new home to protect your investment.

A tiny investment now before you purchase a home can save you thousands of dollars in repairs and remediation in hidden defects. Even brand, spanking new homes can hide built-in flaws that a professional will spot saving you future heartache and repair costs. On the other hand, spruced up heritage homes can also hide hidden flaws. New carpeting or floor covers can hide unsound sub-flooring. Or beautifully painted walls can mask structural damage.

The best way to prevent surprises after purchasing and moving into a newly purchased home is to invest in a thorough property inspection. If the home inspector gives the property a clean bill of health, you’ll know your investment is sound. On the other hand, if the inspection reveals flaws or hidden damage, you can make a strategic decision about the cost of repairs and the purchase offer for the home.

What Do Home Inspectors Look For?

A professional home inspection scours a property from roof to foundation to discover any possible concerns about the present state of the home. Every inspection is broad in scope and detailed for any possible shortcomings. From the overall soundness of the structure to potential safety concerns in appliances. The inspection and the detailed report allow the prospective home buyer to make considered decisions based on factual details.

Every inspection includes a variety of facets, examined in detail, to give a prospective owner a thorough knowledge of the home.


The structure of a home is the skeleton that holds a house together and keeps it steady on the ground: roof, wall, floor, structural components, as well as the foundation system. In earthquake prone areas, a sound structure is a basis for continued use.


A home’s roof is not just a cover. It protects the home from elements which can destroy the sound structure. Unseen roof leaks have the potential to trickle down causing damage to inside walls and flooring.


The exterior walls and their connection to the foundation are your family’s safeguard against damage from weather and rodents. Heat, wet, and cold can all affect the ability of the exterior to keep the elements at bay.


Your home electrical system travels over, under, and through the house. Any hidden wiring and connection problems behind walls, in ceilings, or under floors are potentials to fire damage and the safety of your home.

HVAC – Heating and Cooling

Families rely on heating and cooling systems to provide comfort. HVAC systems can harbor many potential flaws that can result in costly repairs and a non-functioning system just when you need it most. From simple to complex hidden issues such as dirty filters, clogged drains, dirty condenser coils and hidden electrical problems can threaten the safety of your family.


Insulation keeps the home temperature even. Especially in older heritage homes, insulation materials can threaten your health with toxins that leak through ceilings and other openings. While a seller may state that a home is insulated, a qualified home inspector may find the material used has no insulation value at all.  


Water leaks in plumbing can cause severe damage that is expensive to repair. A hidden tiny plumbing leak, left unchecked can cause severe damage that’s expensive to repair. Toxic mold threatening the health of anyone in the home can result and spread due to a small water leak.  


Interior walls and flooring can mask structural defects that threaten the soundness of a home. Water leaks, termite and wood beetles can hide unseen. A home inspection is a safeguard against future costly repairs.


If your future home has a romantic and warming fireplace a thorough inspection will safeguard your home and your family against safety threats.


Built-in appliances can harbor both visible and invisible problems and safety threats. From dishwasher backflow issues and range hood venting to oven temperature calibration and dryer vent occlusions. Your home inspector checks every detail to eliminate worry and expense.

Four Hours That Can Save Thousands

Inspect.Net provides professional, licensed, on-site home inspections for evaluating every aspect of your future home. Aside from the detailed written report with photographic illustrations, you can join us on-site to ask questions. We’ll also provide suggestions for remediation and repairs of any discoveries. Our conversational tone, free from jargon, helps you evaluate a condition in terms you understand.

For most people, a home is one of their largest financial assets, if not the biggest. A thorough home inspection gives you the information you need to negotiate a real estate purchase.

Peace of mind is the backbone of our business. We are proud to help thousands of homeowners in the Bay Area make accurate pre-purchase decisions to shield their personal wealth. We work with you and your real estate representative to give you accurate, understandable information. At a price that protects your investment for years to come.

Contact us or just give us a call at (510) 200-7555 to schedule a professional inspection from the leader in the Bay Area.

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