Commercial Investment Inspections

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Commercial Property Inspections

Inspect.Net has been performing commercial inspections for 30 years. As a general contractor and industrial engineer, our expertise carries unsurpassed knowledge in every report. We go through the entire property or we can perform an inspection of individual components.

For Investors

Inspect.Net knows and meets the demands of commercial real estate. We know your professional expectations. Book now to let us expedite your commercial venture.

  • Your decision is profit-based
  • You want a property requiring minimal repairs
  • We help you minimize risk with our detailed inspection
  • Inspect.Net can provide repair guidance to assist in your ultimate decision

A property inspection from Inspect.Net can save investors thousands of dollars in hidden repair costs. We help you minimize risk and maximize profits.

Engineers and Contractors

Our experience applies to every type of commercial property from hotels and apartment home complexes to industrial warehouses and churches. 

The value of the information is in the detail. In today’s world data is knowledge, and with knowledge comes power. Just like any information source, you can use the information and knowledge to influence good decisions. The more informed you are, the better you can make wise decisions about the next steps with your property.