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Jeff Bond, Inspect.Net founder, has the expertise and experience to give unbiased expert witness testimony on any property. As a licensed general contractor and industrial engineer, his expertise goes deep into examination of all types of property structures and internal systems such as electrical and plumbing, or heating and cooling. Professional expertise combined with truthful facts bolsters your position.

When you need unbiased facts to strengthen your argument and present details in an informed manner, Jeff Bond provides the facts along with years of professional experience to make your case. Get in touch to discover how his presentation can help your situation or book now.

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“Time tells all. We’ve been performing home inspections since 1992. In that period we’ve served over 13,000 families. Please allow Inspect.Net to show you what it means to be treated like family, it is your home after all.” – Jeff

Service Price
Expert Witness $200/hr
Consulting $200/hr
Travel $75/hr