Maintenance Inspections


Preventing Disaster

There’s no better way to preserve the value of your property than by scheduling regular maintenance inspections. Catch small problems early before they become enormous expenses in remediation and repair.  The money you don’t spend by waiting until an issue becomes a problem, is money saved. Inspect.Net narrative reports walk you through the entire foundation to roof procedure with detailed image and video support.

Let Inspect.Net help you breathe a sigh of relief by scheduling annual inspections that have the potential to save thousands of dollars needed for delayed repairs. Ensure your property’s soundness. Book now.

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“Time tells all. We’ve been performing home inspections since 1992. In that period we’ve served over 13,000 families. Please allow Inspect.Net to show you what it means to be treated like family, it is your home after all.” – Jeff

Service Price
Small Home $279
Medium House $299
Larger Home $349
Mobile Home $199
Pool or Spa $149
Note : You pay only for the inspection, report preparation is NOT included in the pricing. You take notes and all the pictures you want (no audio/video), this is a complete inspection minus a written report.