How Much Does A Home Inspection Cost?

The cost of a home inspection depends on the quality of the inspector and the information you receive in your report.

December 15, 2017
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The True Cost Of A Home Inspection

When most people ask, “How much does a home inspection cost?” they’re thinking in dollars. And the dollar answer is very simple, the cost is based on time. In line with the industry standards, Inspect.Net bases prices on time for square footage. The time involved is time at the site and writing a clear, easily read home inspection report.  An inspection for an apartment complex will cost more in dollars than a single family first home. We list our prices up front on the website so you won’t have any surprises.

Home Inspection Value

The cost of a home inspection depends on the quality of the inspector and the information you receive in your report.  Warren Buffet (WIKI) advises investors that the price of something is what you pay for it, while the value is what you get in return.

To spend your dollars wisely and receive the greatest value from your home inspection, spend some time evaluating your choices. You’ll look for three core components of your home inspection experience:

  • Experience
  • Qualifications
  • Theoretical & practical knowledge

Steps To Finding a Quality Home Inspection Service

Whether your inspection is in your town or across the country, you can take steps to evaluate the quality of service you will receive.

  • Use the Internet to start your search. Search by local city and state combined with “home inspection” or “home inspector.”
  • Look at inspection organization websites like American Society of Home Inspectors or your state society or association. Here in California use California Real Estate Inspection Association. These sites allow you to search for home inspectors near the property site.
  • Use directories like Yellow Pages or Yelp. Be wary of home service “directories” that are, in fact, paid advertising for services.
  • Once you do some searches, you may see online home inspection advertisements which come from Google Ads. You’ll know right away that this service provider is established enough for a healthy advertising budget.

Validate Your Results

Once you have a list of possible home inspection services, take steps to assure that you will be working with a quality service provider.

  • Length in business – a business won’t be around long if they do not provide good service. Don’t rule out fairly new businesses, but be aware that a long time in business is an indication of satisfied customers.
  • Business Website – The website will tell you how the service provider works, the fee schedule, and how easily they communicate in a language you understand.
  • Reviews – Read reviews wherever you can find them: on the website, on review sites like Yelp, on a Bing or Google business listing, etc.
  • Sample Report – If a sample report is not on the website, ask for one. Look for clear writing, illustrative images, and recommendations for any remedial work indicated in the findings (Sample Inspection Report)
  • Telephone Conversation – Call the provider and chat about the property in need of an inspection. Listen to the answers. Your questions and the answers the home inspector gives you will give you a sense of their business acumen and ability to communicate well.

Performance Measures

Once you have narrowed down your selections, examine the end result. Whether you are buying or selling property or checking the safety of your home, you deserve a quality experience for the service you purchase.

You’ve gone through the objective search to find reputable home inspectors in the area of your property. Now it’s time to get down to your persona needs. How well will the inspector apply his abilities towards personally serving you?

  • Thorough – Your inspector should examine every nook and cranny from cellar to roof. Make sure you are welcome to being present at the home inspection and able to ask questions as the inspector crawls around in the basement or climbs on the roof. A quick glance under the house is not a thorough inspection.
  • Technically proficient  All inspectors must follow the standards of practice of their professional association and/or state licensing board. They remove panels, check gas lines, go into attics and crawl spaces, check for carbon dioxide leaks, check appliances and notify you of any recalls.
  • Good communicator – From the first phone call, to meeting you for the inspection, to the final written report, the home inspector is open and sincere. He openly share his knowledge and clearly outlines any identified potential problems.
  • Properly prepared – Inspector brings the necessary tools (ladder, flashlight, screwdriver, recording device); has a clear and efficient method of performing the inspection; knows how to handle unforeseen events like water/electricity being off; knows the neighborhood and what to expect at the inspection.
  • Professional report – A typical report is 30-60 pages detailing major and minor findings on your property. It will include foundation, roof, plumbing, electrical, mechanical, flooring, walls, ceilings and other elements you probably had not considered.

What You Get In Return

A quality home inspection delivers value in many ways. The “cost” of the inspection includes:

  • Driving time to the property (2 hours total)
  • Physical inspection time (2-4 hours)
  • Operational support (1 hour)
  • Report creation including text and images (1-2 hours)

So, in total, each home inspection involves six to eight hours of time from the provider. A plumber charges $75 an hour. A doctor charges $250 an hour and up. Your home inspector armed with knowledge, experience, and expertise is worth $100 an hour.

A quality home inspection ultimately delivers peace of mind.

  • You have an objective estimate of the value of your property.
  • You are aware of any repairs or remediation to improve your home.
  • Your family’s home safety is assured.
  • You have confidence in your home investment which for most people is a significant portion of their personal wealth.

Inspect.Net is Your Quality Solution

At Inspect.Net we streamline operation, reduce costs, increase productivity, and drive down cost by being the best home inspection service in the Tri-Valley and East Bay areas.

We don’t cut corners or compromise in any way. Quality is what you’re looking for. Come and get it.

Give us a call at (510) 200 – 7555

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