Communication: The Hidden Value in Your Home Inspection

Don’t pass up the chance to receive added value and knowledge about your property by joining the inspector when they are looking at your property.

April 18, 2017
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A professional building inspection provides information about your property. The way to receive the most value from your inspection is by talking with your inspector. Don’t pass up the chance to receive added value and knowledge about your property by joining the inspector when they are looking at your property.

The official inspection report will review all the finding details. However, joining your inspector as he reviews the property is the best way to get personalized information. You don’t need to join the spiders in the basement or teeter on the roof, but your inspector will tell you on site each and every detail found.

When inspectors finds a problem that needs remediation, they can tell you on the spot specifics about the finding:

  • The best way to fix the problem
  • The most economical way to fix the problem
  • If the situation needs immediate attention or can wait
  • Recommend vetted local service and tell you why they are recommended
  • Prioritize the findings
  • Answer any questions about the finding or the solution

There’s a huge difference between having a problem noted, and getting specifics. Including the best way to preserve the value of your property and the safety of your family.

Get The Most Value Out of Your Communication

Communication starts with your very first contact with your home inspector. Whether you visit a website to fill out a contact form or pick up the phone and call, a professional inspector will go out of their way to explain the process.

Your inspector should help you understand the process and value of the inspection, and that helps you understand the process in a way that relates to your needs without technical jargon.

Overall your building inspector communicates through speech, written material including a wrtten report, and the nonverbal cues you receive when you are on site during the inspection.

One of the most important goals of meeting with your inspector is clarifying each and every question you have at the time of discovery. Before you receive your written report you will have a clear understanding of the findings. The report will then serve as backup to your conversation as well as the paperwork needed for a real estate transaction.

Effective communication is a two-way street. Unless you understand what the inspector says, communication is not clear. The value of meeting in person is that each point is directly encoded to your understanding. If your inspector speaks in technical mumbo-jumbo and doesn’t translate important information in your language–language you understand–there is no communication. It’s that simple.

Feedback on the Spot

The key benefit of meeting with your inspector is feedback on both sides. Your inspector will share the findings as they go through the property. You are able to ask questions and dig deeper about:

  • The importance of the finding
  • What it means to the value of the property
  • How the findings impact the people who live in the dwelling
  • Obtain any further elaboration you need to understand the issue, no matter how detailed
  • Get immediate clarification

Your inspector will give you the optimum solution to any findings

Meeting on site with your home inspector is your golden opportunity to discover important details about your property. Your presence at the inspection is also a time to test the inspector on a subject which can help you structure a rational dialog with others involved in the real estate transaction like the buyer of your home and the real estate agent.

Your inspector will put items into proper context and deliver relevant feedback based on your input. A precise verbal summary will give you a fair look at the property and its value.

If you are considering purchasing the property, your home inspector will give you a realistic evaluation and allow you to ask questions that will influence your buying decision. Your answers will be objective and outside the impartial recommendations of a real estate agent potentially more interested in making a sale.

If you are selling your property you will gain an objective picture of the true value of your home in the current market environment.

What Happens If You Don’t Attend The Inspection?

If you choose not to attend the inspection you lose all the valuable feedback personalized to your property and your needs. Without your presence you miss the refining process that happens between the inspector and the property owner.

The individualized feedback you gain at an inspection as the inspector adjusts and refines his evaluation is priceless. An experienced professional talks to you in a way that demonstrates you are being served by someone who cares about your unique situation and is doing a good job by taking care of you. As a good communicator your inspector speaks in a manner that clearly shows they are listening to you and are serving you well.

Don’t Miss the Added Value

Inspect.Net promises clear communication from your first contact to the last email or phone conversation after the inspection. Our written inspection report is detailed with every finding and suggestions for remediation. Our on site communication is tailored to your and your property with instant feedback and recommendations.

Inspect.Net is Your Quality Solution

When you schedule your inspection be sure to talk to us about meeting one-on-one for your inspection.

Give us a call at (510) 200 – 7555

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