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Benefits of Preventive Home Inspection

A periodic maintenance inspection serves as preventive measure to find small issues and avoid substantially large and expensive repairs.

May 16, 2017
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How Home Inspection Creates Peace of Mind

Did you know that home and property inspections aren’t just for real estate transactions? Most people think of a home inspection as a necessary part of buying or selling property. In fact, regular preventive inspections are a way to insure your property’s value and the safety and health of your family while you own the property.

Certain life factors are crucial indications of appropriate times to perform a building inspection.

  • You’ve owned your property for two or more years
  • Tenants leave your rental property
  • High traffic commercial property maintenance and safety
  • In the Bay Area, any time after an earthquake

Periodic inspections will help you avoid catastrophic damage. As always, communication from the building inspector, allows you to evaluate the findings for immediate and long-term concerns. If you are present at the inspection–and we encourage you to be there–you can discuss any issues as we find them. A knowledgeable professional inspector will explain even complicated issues in terms you can understand.

Discover Hidden Issues Before They Become Problems

Entropy is the enemy of any property owner. Over time structures, systems, and appliances wear out. Valves and connections decay, break, or simply wear away. For homeowners, tiny breaks can cause serious unseen damage if not detected. In addition to normal aging, rental and commercial property can be damaged by tenants who have no concern for maintaining the strength and adequacy of the property.

From appearances, your property may look as though everything is fine. But years of enduring weather and people can create unseen issues. A maintenance inspection can reveal a variety of findings that indicate larger issues and jeopardize the long-term health of your home or property and the safety of the people who live and work under the roof.

Typical findings can include:

  • Faulty electrical wiring
  • Ceiling & wall problems
  • Toxic Mold
  • Carbon monoxide
  • Roof debris blocking drains & gutters
  • Plumbing & drain issues
  • Defective heating & cooling
  • Foundation flaws

Periodic inspections will prevent these and other findings from developing into costly and dangerous situations in a structure that appears fine to the untrained eye.

The Biggest Benefit

A periodic maintenance inspection serves as preventive measure to find small issues and avoid substantially large and expensive repairs. At Inspect.Net we cover almost 200 separate checkpoints in our building inspection from major construction checks like foundation and walls to the appliances in your home. If there is an issue or concern anywhere on your property, we find it.

Not only do we provide on-the-spot recommendations to fix and repair any issues, we follow up those recommendations in our written report. The report highlights issues for remediation in red so they are easy to find. Your written report also serves as a specific reference document when you work with technicians, repair services, and contractors when discussing repairs.

The greatest benefit of a periodic home inspection is peace of mind. You will know you are protecting your valuable investment and protecting your family and loved ones from toxic fungi, chemicals, and structural defects.

When it comes to protecting property in the Bay Area, Inspect.Net is your go-to home inspection service.  

Give us a call to schedule your inspection (510) 200 – 7555

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